Congratulations Kinslahger

We want to congratulate our clients, Steve Loranz, Neal Armstrong and Keith Huizinga (the founders of Kinslahger Brewing Company) on the completion of their project. We consider it a privilege to have been selected to design their founding facility, a 1,600 square foot lager brewing facility with a 650 square foot taproom in Oak Park, Illinois.

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Through close collaboration with Steve, the head brewmaster, and exacting design, we were able to create a brewery capable of producing 6,000 barrels per year within a small space. We successfully navigated new Village of Oak Park ordinances to create Oak Park's very first taproom. Their goal for the space was fellowship. Through attention to composition, lighting and materiality, we created a welcoming, habitable, cozy environment — a perfect balance of our specialties in boutique commercial design.

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With a focus on social and sustainable benefit, we're sure Kinslahger Brewing Company will be a positive addition to our community. 

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