An Interview with architect William Scholtens

As featured in:
Green Community Connections, February 02, 2012
"An Interview with local architect William Scholtens" conducted by Amy Boruta.

Green architect oak park

Elements' Design Philosophy begins to emerge here.  As William describes a walk through the streets of Oak Park, observing and reflecting upon buildings built four generations ago and asks the question: "What made this a building worthy of preservation?"

"Build once, well. There are so many riches in this little phrase. I approach each project with the mindset that buildings require precious, limited resources and therefore should be used for a very long time.  In my experience, buildings that last for generations are lovable, memorable, place-specific, and built with durable materials and sound detailing . . . Listen to the place. Listen to the client. Work until you love the design.”

Read the full interview with Bill Scholtens, Chicago's green architect
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