About Elements Architects

Elements Architectural Group is a studio of architects and interior designers committed to unearthing a client's vision and creating holistic design solutions that are buildable, with regard to budget, and always beautiful.

Founded in 2006 by Bill Scholtens and specializing in Single-Family Residences and Boutique Commercial projects, Bill has a deep awareness that a building project is the most expensive purchase a client will make in their lifetime. Uniquely trained as an architect, carpenter, and counselor, he has created The Elements Way- our proven design process that simultaneously considers the Art, Science, and Economics. He believes that the vision of the project should be the client's and the role of the architect and design team is to come alongside a client with receptivity and wild curiosity. Elements leverages passion, creativity, experience, knowledge, and industry connections to create a modern and sustainable architectural vision that expresses the owner's vision. He's especially grateful for the now over 400 completed projects that are as diverse as our clients.

What is it all for?

What is it all for? Over 24 years of designing modern buildings and interiors has moved Bill to explore the deeper meaning and capacity of sustainable architecture. You'll often hear Bill say, 'It's not about the building'. Rather the building he believes is a vehicle for connecting people to the land, one another, ourselves, and even the eternal.

Bill Scholtens & The Elements Architectural Group create modern architecture & design with a focus on green & sustainable practice