Reviews & testimonials

"This design is dreamy! Really exactly what I had in mind."

-Kerstin. 800sf Home Renovation + Interior Design.

"Elements produced immaculate plans for our restaurant in about half the time such a project would normally take. They understood our expediency, and they met our need. We had everything permitted soon after."

-Owner, Wooden Paddle Pizza, Lemont IL

"Your projects have a rigor I haven’t seen in residential design in a long time."

-Wes Oaks. Contractor, Fulcrum Development Group.

"As a vendor of Elements, I get to see the breadth of their work over time.  I am impressed by the way in which they create contemporary spaces that are clean and yet still have the same warmth of traditional designs.  Its modern architecture that does not sacrifice the benefits of the classical tradition."

-Peter Giersch. Giersch Group.

"I wanted to give a run down about how all the inspections went yesterday. I was so nervous about it all, but it was really pretty easy. I attribute that ease primarily to the incredible work that you both did. I could recognize each of the inspectors immediately relax upon entry into the gallery, as they saw the care and attention to detail that you all invested in the project...  All of which is to say, I cannot thank you both enough."

-Owner. The Green Lantern Art Gallery.

"I am so thankful for this space. Thank you for your encouragement to stay in 'this old house' and to make it ours.  The design element of the fireplace is so much more for me than simply an element.  It is a pivotal place where my soul gets recharged. We serve a truly awesome God.  When I burn wood I feel His pleasure."

-Rick. Home Addition, Renovation, + Interior Design.

"Nice set of drawings. We don't get these very often, so it is appreciated"

-Stephen. Village Plan Reviewer.

"The house has been transformed... Very nice job. Your big ideas with the skylight, the windows into the master, door changes, etc. really made a significant impact on the upstairs living space and light. Thanks, well done!"

-Larry. 4,500sf Interior + Exterior Home Renovation with 3-phase Master Plan.

"I like your ideas and the way you always seem to bring something different and fun to the design."

-Rich. 1200sf Home Renovation + Millwork Design.

"We just wanted to send you these delicious cookies (seriously) to thank you for all of the hard work you have put into our project over the past year.  The house is finally coming together and everything looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks for putting up with the volume of phone calls and for putting in more than 100%."

-Savannah. 2,500sf Urban Home Renovation + Addition.

"I am delighted to put in writing our view of the services you provide, the attitude in which you provide them, and the quality of the people you have working with you.

Ours has been the biggest project and investment we have ever embarked on. We decided two and a half years ago that we needed to build a home that meets our needs as we age as well as a home that accommodates our expanding family. We have four kids, each has a spouse, and 11 grandchildren. We are fortunate to have our family living within fifteen minutes of our home, so we are together all the time. In our lifetime, the family will likely grow from the current 21 to 40-50, our home has always been the center of activity, and we want it to continue to be that.

We wanted a home where 1) my wife and I could have everything accessible on the first floor, 2) have a lot of entertaining space, including an in ground pool and small gym, and 3) have an elevator to the second floor and finished basement. Once we purchased the lot, the next task was to engage the services of an architect. This was from the beginning a two-year project for us, and the best decision we made was to establish a relationship with you and your team, and what a wonderful experience that has been at every level.

The end-product is nothing less than spectacular and highly functional, throughout the process you won our confidence and trust, this could not have gone any better. You and your staff were without exception extremely responsive, delivering an exceptional quality of work, and you maintained a perfect balance between responding to our requests and challenging us when you thought there was a better solution.

All in all, we are delighted to have established this relationship, and I would enthusiastically refer you to a friend or colleague, as we have already done on a couple of occasions."

-Peter + Joyce. 10,000sf New Home.

"I appreciate when a building elevates the people who use it. Your buildings seem to do this."

-Nick. 2400sf Home Renovation + Addition.

"It's been a whirlwind moving back in and wrapping up the punch list. MG got us in three weeks early and we passed final inspection last Friday.

I can't tell you how many compliments we've received on the design. Pedestrians regularly stop on their daily walks and ponder the addition. Some compliment the nice use of the lot, some the symmetry of the windows and proportion to the existing house. Almost all of them say how well it blends into the existing exterior finishes, and a few know that something is different than it was but quite put their finger on it until we show them. (I wouldn't be surprised if you get a few calls; we've dropped your name more than a few times.)

The interior is indeed transformed into a completely different house. If you looked at the percentage of time we spend in each room, on a before and after basis, it is all completely changed. The master suite is quiet and peaceful and turned out really well. The boys love their bedrooms. The kitchen is the new congregating space, with the family room a close second. We haven't yet had time for a formal dinner in the dining room or entertainment in the living room, but are looking forward to it! The basement playroom has been a popular hangout for the boys, and the laundry room and systems are functioning really well.

Please let us know next time you're planning to be in the neighborhood and well take you on the grand tour. We are thankful that we found you, that you were available, and that you had the humility, vision, and technical skills to unravel a 113 year old piecemealed house and redesign it for a new century. I'm preparing a five star review for EAG, which I will post on Houzz and any other sites you would like. Hope you have a great week."

-Sam + Shelby. 2,600sf Interior + Exterior Home Renovation + 900sf Addition.

"I like that you're opening our minds. It helps us see in different ways"

-Owner. Apersand Wine Bar + Restaurant.

"I had a great experience working with Elements Architectural Group for our mixed used, multi-story property. It was the first time I had embarked on a renovation project and William Scholtens and his team were incredibly reliable, walking me through every step of the project, illustrating a range of options, and responding with intuitive precision to the demands of our vision. The result is a hybrid bookstore/art gallery/bar on the first floor of a busy commercial street, with a two-bedroom apartment on the second floor, and a convertible studio apartment (now being used as a studio work space) on the third. Elements Architectural Group brought a level of expertise and professionalism to the table that creates an exceptional framework to inhabit whether working as an artist, curator, or everyday tenant. In all respects I found Elements' contributions invaluable; they are a pleasure to work with."

-Caroline. 6,000sf Mixed Use Multi-story Urban Renovation and Addition.

"Working with Bill and his team went above and beyond my expectations. Their professionalism, accessibility, creativity and flexibility were outstanding. I would work with  them again in a heartbeat."

-Debbie. 4,000sf Home Renovation

"We had a great experience working with Bill Scholtens and Elements Architectural Group. We initially hired Bill to design a new staircase and were so impressed with his work that we kept him on for the gut and green rehab of our Lincoln Park townhouse. Bill impressed us with his knowledge and creativity. He was invaluable as an interface with and resource for the contractor and trades. He was a joy to work with! We highly recommend him."

-Kathryn. 2,400sf LEED Platinum Town House Renovation

"We have worked with Bill Scholtens and Elements Architectural Group on 3 separate renovation projects: (i) a major renovation, including a MBR and bathroom addition, re-arrangement of the first floor (removal of 2nd stairway, new basement entrance, expanded kitchen eating area, and powder room relocation), and significant structural corrections to accommodate these updates to our house; (ii) remodeling of our kitchen; (iii) addition of an outdoor gazebo and patio area. Bill was not only the architect on these projects to our 1896 Victorian home, but he also acted as “construction manager,” interior design consultant, and coordinator of appliance and furniture purchases. He envisions his role as encompassing all aspects of the changes to your home, i.e., a holistic approach. We very much appreciated his design skill in making our renovations successful.

Bill is a pleasure to work with on both professional and personal levels. He listens carefully and is very successful in translating your “wishes” into practical and beautiful renovations; reflecting not only the age and style of your home, but the need for the design to accommodate a 21st Century family. At the same time, he is extraordinarily talented in refining and expanding your ideas and wishes in unexpected and lovely ways.

Bill’s unruffled and efficient manner is a terrific advantage in interacting with contractors and other outside vendors. His calmness and confidence (“it will all work out”) during the upheaval and disruption to our home was a major factor in having Bill return for subsequent projects. We still consult with him on an ad hoc basis on “changes” we make to our house.

Bill presents options for various decisions and choices that reflect a range of price levels when addressing different aspects of the project (e.g., cabinetry, floors, light fixtures, and appliances). We suggested a rule of 3 options for each decision in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed, which Bill readily adopted. This reflects his flexibility and focus on the client. We heartily recommend Bill Scholtens and Elements Architectural Group as your architectural team."

-Mavis. 4,500sf Interior + Exterior Home Renovation with 3-phase Master Plan.

“We are incredibly thankful for the work that Elements Architects put into the design of The Craftsman - from the ground up into one of the most unique and premium Chicagoland dining experiences.”

- The Craftsman, Naperville, IL

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