Best of the New: Green Innovator

As featured in:
Chicago Home + Garden, January-February 2011.
"Best of the New: Green Innovator" by Amalie Drury and Jan Parr

Green architect chicago

Our founder, William Scholtens, was awarded "Best of the New: Green Innovator" by Chicago Home and Garden Magazine.  A little-known fact to many is that a photo-shoot of a project for one of these "glossy" magazines is a huge multi-day effort. Beginning with styling at sunrise, and cleanup long after the sun has set.  During one such 14-hour long shoot of one of our projects, William had a captive audience and was able to unpack and explain many of the highly subtle, sustainable features of one of our homes.  The folks at Chicago Home and Garden were pretty impressed.

"Now the firm is moving on to the next step in its greening-the-world mission: affordability. “So far, green homes have mostly been for the wealthy,” Scholtens says. “We’re going to show that green homes really can be done for the middle-income bracket—and the results can be warm, dry, and noble.”

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