Sustainable Architects in Auburn Gresham, Chicago

Eco-friendly architecture from Elements Architects  

Auburn Gresham is a small city on the south side of Chicago. This beautiful city is recognized as one of the 77 community areas of Chicago and has a unique history. This continuously developing city is becoming a profitable, urban commercial area with a wide variety of homes, parks, restaurants, and entertainment.

Elements Architects is a sustainable architecture firm that you can trust in designing your Auburn Gresham building. We create interior and exterior designs for green buildings and homes in the Chicago area. Whether you’re interested in designing a brand new building or looking to make renovations, our green architects and leed-certified home builders will work with you to bring your vision to life. We never back away from a challenge. We want to hear even your most unique proposals because we’re dedicated to making your eco-friendly dream a reality. We have experience in designing over 300 different projects. Throughout our time as professional architects, we’ve developed a composition process that has allowed us to provide impressively successful outcomes. We consider three main elements within each design - art, science, and economics. The combination of these three elements is the core of our work. It’s important to us to collaborate with you by combining our critical thought, creative insight, experience, design rigor, and industry experience with your ideas to create a building that possesses aesthetic and efficient qualities. 

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Sustainable builders: Auburn Gresham, Chicago