Architecture in the Near West Side District of Chicago

Renovated Homes and Buildings in the Neighborhood of Near West Side, ChicagoArchitecture in the Near West Side district of Chicago

The Near West Side district of Chicago is one of the largest communities in the city, and is home to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and Boeing Airlines. Neighborhoods within Near West Side like Greektown and Little Italy showcase the diversity of the city and the cultural contributions brought to the structure of Chicago’s architecture. 

Elements Architectural Group is here to build your vision in the Near West Side district of Chicago. Through our experience in over 300 projects, we’ve come to categorize design considerations into three segments — Art, Science, and Economics. At the intersection of these three segments is the heart of our work. By considering the entire picture simultaneously, continuously and collaboratively, we fully engage in making your project a success. Critical thought, creative insight, design rigor, experience, industry connections and continuous pursuit of a building’s higher purpose is always The Elements Way.

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