Sustainable Home Architect in Fish Creek, WI

Hire a well-known sustainable home architect to build the environmentally friendly home of your dreams in Fish Creek, WI. Since 2006, Elements Architectural Group has been designing and building unique homes with sustainability and nature in mind. Our Oak Park architects are ready to build or remodel your house in a rustic, modern, or minimalist style. See our portfolio or request a consultation to get started.

Our Portfolio

Luxury Home Remodeler & Designer

Elements values collaboration when rebuilding or renovating your property. We mix our critical thinking, creative insight, experience, design rigor, and industry experience with your ideas to design a luxury home that is both beautiful and functional. Your visions for sustainable luxury can be brought to life with our over 17 years of experience.

Our Approach to Custom Home Design

The Element’s Way focuses on 3 principles: art, science and economics. We masterfully blend beauty, durability and energy efficiency to create a custom home design like no other.

The Master Plan:

  • Energy-efficient windows, appliances and lighting for lower bills & carbon footprint
  • Sustainable materials for a lower environmental impact
  • Renewable energy tactics to reduce fossil fuels 
  • Water conservation through low-flow showerheads, toilets and faucets 
  • Natural light to reduce electricity consumption
  • Strategic orientation to take advantage of sun and shade
  • Low VOC paints, adhesives and sealants for indoor air quality
  • Native landscaping to promote biodiversity

Architectural Services for Fish Creek Area Homes & Businesses

Elements Architectural Group is a residential and commercial design firm that works on single-family, vacation, LEED-certified, and historic homes on the residential side. Our commercial capabilities include coffee shops, restaurants, breweries, gallery spaces, offices, boutiques, retail stores, and other business developments. Our green architects will design the ideal place for your house or business, whether you require residential, institutional, or commercial planning.

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Sustainable Home Architect in Fish Creek, WI