Sustainable Home Architect for Bailey’s Harbor, WI

Elements Architectural Group has been bringing beautiful and sustainable homes and businesses to life since 2006. Our custom, environmentally friendly homes prioritize energy efficiency, green design and durability. We collaborate with you by combining our critical thought, creative insight, experience, design rigor and industry experience with your ideas. Together, we’ll create a unique space for your home or business.

Our Portfolio

Green Home Building Architects

Our approach to building and design focuses on art, science and economics to achieve the ideal balance for your space. Elements leverages passion, creativity, experience, knowledge and industry connections to create design concepts that express the owner's vision. We believe homes and businesses are meant for more than just being; they should serve you and the people you love.

Residential & Commercial Architecture

Elements Architectural Group specializes in the design and planning of residential and commercial buildings. Our residential portfolio includes work on single-family, vacation, LEED certified and historic homes. Previous commercial projects include coffee shops, restaurants, breweries, gallery spaces, offices, boutiques, retail stores and more. Whether you need residential, institutional or commercial planning, our green architects will create the perfect space for your home or business.

Our Architectural Firm's Holistic Approach

Our approach combines 3 elements: art, science and economics. What does this look like for your property?

  1. Energy-efficient and renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines.
  2. Water conservation and management, including low-flow fixtures and greywater recycling.
  3. Sustainable building materials, construction methods and zero VOC paints.
  4. Natural lighting and ventilation to reduce dependence on artificial lighting and heating/cooling systems.
  5. Sustainable landscaping, such as drought-resistant plants and rainwater harvesting.
  6. Smart home technology to monitor and control energy and water usage.
  7. Eco-friendly waste management and recycling systems.
  8. Green roofs or living walls to improve air quality and provide insulation.

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