Technical Finesse

Solving Challenges with Practical Solutions

A restaurant needed to address its acoustics and lighting; Our answer was to create an open slatted structure within the framework of a beautiful, warm ceiling. The slats allowed for sound to flow and a lighting moment to happen. Instead of addressing the two distinct problems separately, integrating our two challenges created an appealing solution. And even if you never looked up, the feeling achieved by the proper sound and lighting is evident when you experience the space. This is technical finesse in action. 

Green Architecture Illinois

Technical finesse is the scientific side of poetic concern or poetic problem-solving. We examine all the scientific and technical aspects of a building and then take control of the seemingly opposing forces to create something extraordinary. Unless you’re looking for it, a lot of our technical finesse may go unnoticed because it’s human nature to not notice something that is working fluidly and without complication. Usually, when something is wrong, you will notice it right away.

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