Maintenance Cost of a Building

Budgeting Time and Costs

When making an initial budget, it's important to consider the future cost of maintaining your building. One way we can help reduce your long-term maintenance costs is by choosing durable materials made to last. Take, for example, our approach to shower caulking. We’ve perfected a way to detail the floor to wall connections so the caulking isn’t being exposed to water intrusion. Through this simple, copyrighted design tweak, which we employ on select projects, we instantly reduce maintenance costs.

Another way to head off maintenance costs is through Contract Administration (CA). Most clients cannot be present on a site to make periodic inspections and confirm work is being completed to their satisfaction. Additionally, some of the innovative things we do, such as our caulking technique, do require a bit more explanation and translation. By offering CA and working with the builder on your behalf, we will help make sure that your expectations are met and the end result is what you had envisioned.

Maintenance costs are one side of the cost consideration triangle; the full triangle encompasses initial cost, operational costs and maintenance costs.

Architectural Maintenance Costs Chicago

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