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Door County, 2023, Residential

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Our focus while designing this home was drawn to creating a home of the land, rather than a home on the land - creating harmony between man-made architecture and nature.

The materials used in and around the house reflect the land outside, while also giving the owners the desired clean and modern aesthetic. Wood siding and wood-framed windows are used on the exterior to reflect the forest beyond. Inside, clear finished walnut flooring and cabinetry are used, along with locally sourced sandstone countertops. Sustainable materials, high energy-efficient insulated walls, and windows, a geothermal heating and cooling system, and solar panels come together to create a sustainable home that respects the land it sits within.

Correctly positioning the house on the 20-acre stretch of land we were given to work with was key to bringing the home and land together. We positioned the house in the meadow, along the edge of the forest. Metaphorically, this allows the home to act as a mediator between the meadow and the forest – it provides views to the open meadow on one side and a treetop experience as the house overlooks the forested ravine below on the other side. The home itself is broken up into living spaces and sleeping quarters with large glass window walls between creating a condition where one must go “outdoors” to get to the other rooms in the house. This layout and design decision emphasizes the connection between architecture and nature.

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