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Millbury, Massachusetts, In Progress, Residential

Beautiful New England Home RenovationNew England Home Design

Situated along a winding 2-lane road in central Massachusetts, a home sits against a granite ledge and the two strong personalities are not getting along. The rock pushes, the house raises up out the ground. A precariously long and steep wooden stair leading to the home’s front door symbolizes the home’s cry for help.

Reconciliation of the granite and home began by walking the sloping site. We observed in an attempt to ‘nestle’ the home into the hill, granite boulders cut from the hill were left as debris at the top of the hill. Our solution redeploys the granite boulder ‘debris’ creating a raised earthen terrace that wraps the front and side of the home and thereby restoring the hilltop. The granite ledge has helped the house. The house has helped the granite ledge. A new shortened wood and iron stairway with New England detail activates the front porch. Lighting is introduced for wayfinding and placemaking.

Granite outcroppings are exposed at the driveway edge as an invitation to enjoy the granite- they from a stairway, create places to sit, and invite you to interact with and enjoy the granite. A natural experience of vegetation interacting with rock is envisioned to visually soften the approach and mimic the natural order of stone and flora.

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