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Iconic River Forest Kitchen

River Forest Iconic Home Front Entry

Arched kitchen entry

River Forest Historic Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Before Photo

Before Photo of Kitchen

Iconic Kitchen pendant lighting

Kitchen Island Details Walnut Cabinets

Kitchen French Door View

River Forest Kitchen Range

Classic Kitchen design range

River Forest kitchen walnut cabinetry

Kitchen Sink Window River Forest

Kitchen Walnut Cabinetry Details

Walnut Cabinetry Details

Kitchen Mud Room Entry

Historic details kitchen River Forest

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Iconic Kitchen

Location: River Forest

Project Type: Residential

Completion: 2018

Beautiful River Forest Kitchen DesignKitchen Island Details Walnut Cabinets

When asked to design a new kitchen for The William Sloan house, River Forest’s iconic Georgian Revival built in 1928, we knew we needed to approach the project with observation, precision and humility. The existing kitchen was a dated, closed off space with an under functioning floorplan. Our desire was to open up the kitchen, creating a high functioning space that would become a welcoming family hub – and to do this in a way that made it feel intentional and settled. As if it was meant to that way. Architectural details, opened walkways and window placements were key in re-laying out the space. When designing the cabinetry and arched walkways we took cues from key architectural features of the home. We visually connected the breakfast room to the kitchen to create depth and a space for family to gather. Historic artifacts from the home were preserved and displayed. These design decisions came together and created an updated kitchen that respected the original home – a kitchen that fit within the greater story.

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