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Ipsento 606 in Chicago

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Ipsento 606

Location: Chicago, IL

Project Type: Modern Cafe / Bar

Completion: 2016

Beautiful Redesign of a Modern Chicago Cafe

“The best coffees tell stories” — the Ipsento Mantra

Ipsento is committed to the craft of coffee and barista engagement with the customer. Many coffee bars place the coffee production bar between the barista and customer, or on the back counter, where the barista’s back is turned. In both, the crafting of coffee is hidden from the customer, and conversation difficult.

In a collaborative sketch session with Ipsento, we arrived at an innovation solution: rotate the coffee production bar 90 degrees. This simple move allows the customer full visual access to the crafting of their coffee and invites friendly conversation with the barista.

Large glass counter height garage doors cut into the thick brick wall opens the cafe to Chicago's iconic 606 trail. Coffee stained woods, exposed brick, and a restored tin ceiling create a fresh, yet familiar environment.

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