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Big Sky, Montana, 2023, Residential

Montana Mountain Valley Home Design 

Situated within the Big Sky Mountain Valley with commanding views of Lone Peak and Bee Hive Basin, this home seeks to find a balance between providing a durable escape from the extreme climate of Montana (an area that averages 400’’ of snowfall per year) while maintaining an openness with views of the sweeping landscape. The architectural strategy and materials used provide the owners with both a modern and sustainable home to enjoy the Montana climate comfortably.

We combined a blackened steel and heavy timber structure to create a series of indoor and outdoor rooms. The solid and insulated structure, with floor-to-ceiling glass, created stability and openness. To protect the home from the annual snow base in Montana, a sandstone base was used. Shou Sugi Ban siding, exterior wood charred to protect and preserve it from the elements, was used on the exterior to provide a modern accent to the sandstone base.

The owners are a young couple who wanted a modern take of a traditional mountain log cabin as well as a home that provided protection from the harsh elements while maintaining views of the landscape. The design employs traditional materials of the location, yet in an innovative and clean way, creating a peaceful setting to enjoy the landscape. The house is a vessel to take in and further appreciate the rugged, adventurous wilderness.

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